Hello. My name is Ryan Kuehn. I am a professional game developer with almost ten years experience working with some of the industry's most exciting companies. I have had the opportunity to lend my talents to some of the biggest names in gaming while also learning from some of the most talented individuals its been my good fortune to meet. I love games, and I love game art. They're what keep me up at night, both as a player and as a creator. They drive me to push myself that extra little bit, and then maybe just a little more.


I've been specializing in environmental art and all that that entails. I've worked on everything from AAA titles to casual games and everything in between. I've been able to use my skills to create content for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation PSP, PC, and Facebook/Casual Games. I'm excellent in 3D, hard surface modeling, baking, texturing and bringing game objects to life. I love to do level design, to take an idea and turn it into a cohesive game world. I'm extremely confident in several engines, lighting, set dressing, and am familiar with node based shader creation.


I am looking forward to adding my talents and experience to an exciting company and continuing to grow professionally

"Aside from his raw artistic talent and trained eye for quality, Ryan has become a master of adaptability. Having worked with him on numerous projects, usually under tight deadlines, I've observed that Ryan takes time to work smarter and think outside the box."


Burr Johnson

3D Artist, Valkyrie Entertainment



"Dependable, the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Ryan. He's a dedicated team player and a good morale boost. During his time at Valkyrie he contributed in a major way to well over 20 different games. He's quick to learn new tools, pipelines, and has a good understanding of the technical aspects of game art."


Joakim Wejdemar

President, Valkyrie Entertainment

"Ryan is a really talented and highly qualified artist. He has always been really professional and pro-active, delivering great quality work. Always willing to help, his colleagues knew that he was there for them if needed."


Fabio Ilacqua

Art Director, Rimlight Studios


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